Who am I NOW?

I’m currently having really good times in my life. Knowing how to restore energy and rejuvenate spirit makes me feels better and fresh and new.

That’s how i really feel now.

Plus, having warm and good new friends here really change the way i see things and people.

Actually, i have conditioned myself not seek for recognitions. But now i got to unlearned what I’ve learned . As recognition by any means really makes me confident and apparently alleviates inferiority.

It propels me to move further.

Nevertheless, recognition also can creates (or exactly have created) unnecessary pressures. To meet people’s expectations is not that easy.

We need to become as flawless as possible.

Anyway, thanks to those who honestly and sincerely recognized me. You guys have been a part of my transformation. Believe me it has never been easy for me to give trust to my own talent, to eradicate fear, adamantly affirm my stand and eloquently express my opinion.

Thank you.

I hope by attending this programme I will become a great person.

” we are what we repeatedly do”

“excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”



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