cheating increases the probability of getting job.

That’s the conclusion.

The conclusion that i drew from the conversation between me and this one guy named X. It happened last week or so, when we were having our tea break.

He said that the employers nowadays tend to pick graduates who have CGPA 3.00 rather than graduates who have higher CGPA.

Initially, I was okay. But, when he came out with few reasons why so, I was bemused.

His point was;

3 pointer students are more likely to copy in their test while higher pointer students are not (as they make revisions regularly by doing past years’ papers and tutorials).

His interpretation was;

This indicates that 3 pointer students can work under minimal supervision as they do not rely too much on manuals (past years,tutorials). So that the employers don’t need to monitor them frequently.


My questions are;

-Why he was so confident saying that 3 pointer students love copying? Simply, it is a generalization. What if I say that the scorers (3.50 and above) also copying in their tests? How he refutes that? Which one is true?

-If (and only if) his hypothesis acceptable, why on earth the employers want to hire dishonest graduates instead of very hardworking ones? It doesn’t makes sense!

Impliedly, he was conveying a message that you have to (or better) copy or else you would not get employed! Or, you don’t need to put laborious efforts and pass your degree with flying colors as it can not guarantee you to get a job!

Herm. Whatever it is, it is just my opinion. I respect people’s view and open to have discussions with anyone about any issues. It is my passion.

But, i don’t think that we can support our arguments by totally depending on logicalness alone. We have to have reliable facts and evidence as well so as to convince people that our points are definitely true and acceptable.

wee c;


One thought on “cheating increases the probability of getting job.

  1. huh!sapa yg blh yakin die tak copy langsung waktu buat assignment?tak kisah la 1,2,3 pointer or 4flat. mau kenal sketz~

    SNA: Ada. Cuma kita tak kenal. c;

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