What I Feel



I know what I feel is not important. I know.

But I just want to pour my loneliness here. After Allah, I think this blog is the second good listener for me. It knows well what i really feel.

I feel,  my spirit has been taken away.

I feel, my eagerness has been stolen away.

I feel, my enthusiasm has been discarded away.

I feel, my inner strength has been snatched away.

But I know, what I feel is not that important to you.

I feel, I have no one (man) to talk to.

I feel, I have nothing to be proud of.

I feel, I am not a good person in any way.

I feel, whatever i do is not right.

But I know, what I feel is not important to you.

I feel very impotent.

I feel very lonely.

I feel very weak, frail..

But I know,

Only Him can help me out from this sorrowness.

Only Him will give back all the things  I need to be happy.


5 thoughts on “What I Feel

  1. hey…
    la tahzan.

    I dont know what puts you in this state of melancholy; I really dont and if it has something to do with me, I’m very sorry. Although it’s sounds like a selfish request from me for you to be happy, I really do want you to be happy.

    Are you sad because of something that people said to you? Or is it from your own self-criticism? Or is it because you thought people dislike you?
    I’m sure what bad things you think of yourself are just that; they’re just what you think–they’re just your depress-self talking.

    Al-Qarni said in his book ‘Dont be Sad’, Do not be crush of what is insignificant.

    Angelo Battero once wrote (author of 13 books), “There is none more miserable than the one who grows up not being himself, who grows up imitating others in appearance and thought.”


    I have a stupid mouth and often (if not all the time) stupid mouth begets stupid reactions which might hurts other people. So for the nth time, I’m sorry if I contributed to your sadness.

    If you have any doubt, I for one, think you’re a great guy. Like I told you before, I look up to a person who dares to be different; I look up to you, dude.

    I have a lot in mind, but I think this should be it for now. I hope you dont mind my leaving a long comment

    SNA: Herm. It has nuttin to do with u Atirah. SO, dont say SORRY.. I used to be this way..often.. Dont worry. But I’m not lying when i say, I SAD, EMPTY, AND LONELY.

  2. Aku ingat lagi masa ko merajuk dgn kami, masa besday ko tahun lepas. Kami risau sgt dgn ko. Apa yg ko rasakan…adalah penting bg kami. You are not alone. Come on Bonat!!!!

    SNA: wee c;

  3. never look at what you have LOST.. always look at what you have GOT..

    p/s: congrate on ur convocation!! 😉

    SNA: Thanks.

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