Happy Convocation


Me in Gown

Me in Gown

It’s my degree convocation.

Thanks to my mum and ‘dad’ for spending their time on my convo day. I know it was tiring and ‘torturing’. Thank you again.

To Zarul, Sam and Kay, Tq for your presence and for the flowers and for that cutie DORAEMON. Tq.

Ops lupa! Terima kasih Zarul for the smart-complete outfit!

Mekacih gak tuk mereka yg menghantar message and mengingati diri ini..

I know my degree is not that great. It’s not from abroad U. It’s not in Medic, Pharmacy, Engin..or any other ‘meletop’ courses.

It’s not a first class degree.

But I know, there are only  two persons who are really proud of me (my degree). First is  MY MUM.

And second, MY LATE DAD. I miss U ABAH!


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