Equivocal and ambiguos causes of the disputes can be similarized with the adverse haze that envelopes the sacred atmosphere.

58- From here I put my worries about things that perpetually happened. Things that never been confirmed their truth and actuality.

Not interested to hear the problems.

Excited to find ways to mitigate them, as oppose.

But it seems like I’m working alone.

And it wouldn’t work that way..

Come and join me!

Don’t you want to get things back in order.??Happy and normal like old days??

Friends, I really miss those old sweet and sour memories of US? aren’t u??


Really am.



One thought on “58

  1. When you do not know the problems, how you can find the solution? Do not ask people to join you, if they cannot! because of obligations. To overcome it, find the obligations.

    SNA: c;

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