For the very first time, I presume, I write the entry without any suitable title in my mind. Because it is just my blissful expression of having done the assignment entrusted to me about last month or so.

The documentation work is (always) seen easy by some people who recognize themselves as professionals. But to tell you the truth, it is not as easy as you think. Or may be you were not thinking prior uttering your words. That is why you tag those people who involved in this documentation thingy is people who love killing their quality of time or to be accurate curi tulang. Are they? Or am I? Ya lah, you just sitting on an ergonomic chair in front of screen of your desktop or lappy with stacks of document to be reviewed and retyped. Yup, EASY!!

Look, let me clean up the dirt that has been glued to your mind all this while. Having degree in science doesn’t mean that you have to work on things that only pertinent to your background because we shall move towards what we call multi-discipline.  I mean it is not a mandatory for you to just stay in the lab 24/7. No matter how deep your affection towards your field, science line, you are not supposed to give your whole life up to lab works.

I might be bias. Obviously I am as I hate those works relevant to lab. But still, it never impedes my pure yet forced intention to sharpen up my lab skills.

In my case, when people asked my assistance, why should I snub? Having the facts that I’m new and here to learn, what is my power to be picky in things that I wanted to work on?? Despite the fact that I do have my own aims for my career development, I have to be as obedient as I could accord.

Plus, this is the chance for me to append new skills about new things that I have never learnt previous to this apprenticeship period.

And the best thing is I enjoyed doing this kind of work as it is a space to challenge my ability to consolidate idealistic ideas and reality. It really is.

What craps actually I am talking about? Haha. Adalah!

Whatever it is, I am delighted because I have successfully completed my first task here and am seeking for any new task with the intention that I can learn more and eventually Insya Allah becoming a more competent and employable person.

Wee c;


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