It takes a lot of things to consider prior to my decision to leave. I know there are always pros and cons either leave or stay. Yet, I need to weigh thoroughly so that I will not regret of my own decision soon.

Difficult man. It is.

But really thankful because finally Allah grants my prayers. He knows what’s the best for me, for His slave, surely.

My promise, I’ll never leave the kids and world that I’ve been attached to. Insya Allah.



One thought on “destiny

  1. Walaupun berpisah itu menyedihkan,
    tetapi mungkin menjadi satu rahmat apabila,
    Orang yg berjauhan sentiasa di ingati,
    Org yg berjauhan pasti dirindui,
    Org yg berjauhan akn menjadikan org yg ditinggalkn menjadi lebih baik….

    p/s: Pasti kan selalu merindui telatah SNA

    SNA: Thanks. Wee c;

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