ai: active ingredients. different ai can cater different problems. they may share but it is rare. chemicals are made to solve the problems faced by human. and we are made definately as a caliph to solve the problems faced by the nature, the world.

california (cannot remember the specific area of california, but i am pretty sure, california) is now being engulfed with the contaminated mist due to rapid application of fertilizers and herbicides and any chemicals pertinent to agriculture. the details you can read yourself. am too tired to explain.

but, see, the things that are created purposely to solve the problems yet causing another problem.heh. simple, people doing business without taking any consideration about the environment. pity them.the environment because they have to bare all the consequences that caused by us.

but, if i can quote the idea from this one essay from the book entitled ‘New Malaysian Essay. Human are actually associated with the nature, then, back then-so we also have to bare all the negative effects of pollution that we ownselves, subsumely have been creating it all this while.

to quote the words from Ustazah Norbahyah (you can hear/watch it everyday before buletin utama during this holy ramadhan month).KAMU BUAT, KAMU DAPAT!

this is what we are facing now.the pile of dusts suspended in the air and thousands tonnes of poisonous and hazardous gases being inhaled each and every second are the punishment from Allah to us.


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