a month with them.

i’ve been with these people and in this line for just a month. and i think it is a normal practice for any company that you’ll be appraised by the of the month, or may be for certain (or most) companies at the end of the year.

as i am like a baby here, so there are things that they can compromised with. nevertheless, my boss still give a lot of constructive comments on my performance since the day i commenced work. as expected, there are rooms for improvement.

im trying my best to be positive in accepting comments and in looking into details that i need to improve on. i dunno, but at times i think this kind of nature of job doesn’t suit the nature of me well.

*i know, i have to change. i better change. or else people will always look down on me. at least later i have something that i do in my life can make me smile and happy*

to talk to strangers, to initiate conversation, to be warm and friendly; i dunno, i find it difficult. i know it is not impossible so long we have the  spirit to achieve what we want in life, in career specifically.

tapi tulah.erm. see how far i can go with this job. see how much i can do. see how big i can grow.

(always motivate myself to be independent (and i am) and strong and reliable but why lah people never see all those things?)

am i too lousy??

huh. erm these craps wont help i know.

but at least it makes me feels better.

and i wont give up. as i said in my immediate previous entry. i want to prove that im not that lousy.

(as mere words can only do)



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