I was in the office and was doing my work when the dreadful earthquake on 6.9 richter scale (in Sumatera) shook the Tropical Inn building (and some other buildings in JB) this morning. My desk was rocking for about half minute. I was totally scared and was thinking of running off but seemed like it was only me and one of my colleague who noticed the tremors.

Most of the workers in other offices left the building but us. Heh. Tak sayang nyawa betul!

 Yesterday, it was even worse. But luckily I was not in the office.

Some of the offices decided to close as they afraid the probability of the building to be shaken again in the noon.

Let us pray to Allah, ask Him to save us from any unwanted tragedy. And those who have been suffering of earthquakes, Ketsana storms and tsunamis, may they face these trials strongly. Amin.


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