Dear guy that I don’t know the name, don’t even know your face. But deeply sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I want to ask your forgiveness as I have sinned against you, either you realize it or not.

I was there and witnessing you being pulled brutally by a group of teenagers. I was there and seeing you in pain. I was there and could hear your broken voice asking for help. I was there adik, but I couldn’t do anything to save you from being beaten by those fellows. I am so sorry.

I know that I’m helpless and capable of doing nothing. I am not a supehero either. When I was under that situation, I was panicked and acting like I see nothing. Again, I am so SoRRY.

Perhaps, nothing happened to you as I walked out from that place of incident I saw guard coming in and I do hope that with his presence you are safe. I do hope so, adik.

I am sorry. I am that weak. I am sorry for not doing anything.


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