i should write something

After a while my lovely blog has been abondoned, I think I should write something.  I’m in Dungun, Terengganu while I’m writing this entry. After having attended to VC Cup 2009 in Malacca, I went to JB to take Ahmad and afterwards here, Dungun.

Its a long long journey and somehow it depicts the real life of mine or perhaps all of us. Mungkin tidak.Life is far harder than my rushing trip, definately.

I can not help to talk about my anxiety to deal with things that happened to me lately (and recently, damn recent) . In the mood of believing that this is a state of trials, I think too many things, in row, ensued one after another, punch and smother me without mercy.

I chose not to give up and exasperated. I collect all the spirit from the very inner of my heart to fight against these trials. Accepting that this would turn me into someone new, perhaps better, makes me even stronger.

Accompanied by people who understand and the profound memories that tightly attached, I stood up and made up my mind to be more optimistic.

Nevertheless, the pain is still pain and so very painful and hurt. It just that I couldn’t express it with words. It looks easier than it actually is.


4 thoughts on “i should write something

  1. i may unable to help you,but i do hope my existence (though we may not have memories that tightly attached) would cease your pain.

    till we meet again, share everything with me and you can count on me.

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