my heart

My heart is mainly composed of unnecessary emotions and sensitivities that are at times annoyed people. But I learned that those compositions and well saturated mixtures are actually made up by black-white-bitter-sweet sequence of my life experiences that I’ve gone through, persistently.

I received few bad news recently and that disturbed the sanity of my mind and diverted me away from my concentration to carry out my daily routines.

  • My close friend is now in hospital owing to lung infection. And it is quite severe. She is still unconscious. She will be okay, she will be fine, that I greatly believe. With prayers that always remains as a miracle, nothing is impossible.
  • Another close friend of mine, Nensi, was in hospital for 6 days due to dengue fever. Fortunately, she has fully recovered.
  • My uni-course-class-mate just lost his beloved mother. Appy, though I know you are strong, I still want to say this-be strong.
  • My mum’ s health is deteriorating.

I thought I am ready and strong enough to be tested, but I’m wrong.


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