One Malaysia, Truly Asia

This entry is written not because I am pro-government though I salute the way Najib brings back rakyat’s trust on government and Barisan Nasional. I personally think that the concept of One Malaysia comes very timely as to cope with ‘racial tension’ amongst Malaysians. Still early but based on current circumstances, it is possible for the government to win back two third majorities in the next general election.

But what I feel very unnecessary is the way they promote the concept. I opine that it is too much. Bonding or unity is not something you can create; it is something that has to come naturally. And they are promoting it as though we are not united at all, i.e. not mingling around, never say hi to one another and etc. It is accentuated by plethora of advertisements that have been aired on the radio and television.

Yes it is massive and does make people aware of the concept, but whether the intended objective has been delivered well to the rakyat or not is still remains ambiguity. Because I humbly feel awkward as have to make up something that is already exist. Or it actually doesn’t?

So what it has something to do with ‘truly asia’. Well, it is known as mantra used by the government in attracting tourist to come to Malaysia. Discounting the number of tourists who have visited Malaysia since then, I see the different and may be intended outcome as a result of promoting Malaysia as home for Asians. Alas, there are too many foreign workers in Malaysia, either they are legally or illegally migrated, but the amount of them I believe is increasing.

I happened to work with this one company, my current employer. At my workplace I am glad for being given chances to supervise the worker although my designation is as chemist. I got to know many foreign workers from Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. I even get close to them; learn a few words of their native languages-Burmese especially, i.e Menggelapa-Good Morning, Miemie luk– work faster, Pyame-going back. That few simple words surprisingly make me even more comfortable to chat with them, to understand them. And that’s the beginning of sharing problems and thoughts.

I feel attached to these workers. Albeit having the fact that we are from different countries, we have different cultures, we speak different languages-the bonding that is being established very pure and sincere. They can talk to me about anything; Aung San Su Kyi and her struggle to bring democracy back in Myanmar, the tragic and disastrous Tsunami that have brought away their homes and their family’s lives in Bangladesh-anything!

So that’s the point. We have to start from the very simple things before we can start to intensely discuss about heavy things; things that have been always the bone of contention; equality, discrimination, segregation, economic imbalance, marginalisation and etc.

Yes, my workers also sometimes complain about not being treated fairly and not being paid equally. But I am strongly confident if we know them well, we can handle them very well. May be it is not fair to juxtapose but bare I mind that these workers one day may be settling down here in Malaysia and get married with Malaysians and get citizenship as Malaysian. They will fight for their rights as Malaysian. And during that time the government can use the concept of ‘One Asia’ instead of ‘One Malaysia’ to deal with that future expected disputes.


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