And it is not perhaps us to label that one is booming or has achieved something brilliant in his life. And it is not us too to be a judge for our own selves. Say, we are better than anyone else?

Likewise, you can not simply pick a few sets of selected criterion, group them together in one jar and again label or anticipate that; people who have these criteria are ones by your own lame definition, cool.

But that is how this hideous world working. I try to admit that. To accept that perception and expectation play, a huge one. Not your dreams. Not your ambitions that you eager to reach.

Even we are on the track, we are doing something good (at least for us) and we are working on what we believe that is useful, we still appear like a loser to most of them.

Yaah, defections and imperfections are not something one can run away from, either we are trying to or complacently live with it. They are just there; devotedly accompany us for the rest of our life.

OUR? US? Meaning that all of us, named human and humanly being, having them as our partner.

But my wonder is that, why when I mixed around with my friends, colleagues, and coincidently connected with different layers of people I feel myself small.

And I believe that is caused by the label that they put on certain things like, yes, for not having respected career like theirs, for not having a good look as theirs.

Funny right?

Oh, hilarious?

Make your own words but the point is that I wonder most. The way people treat and have me. The way they look at me, and look upon me.

I shouldn’t have been affected.

And I will always have this in my mind. Stick well on my mind that;

They are better and I am always a loser. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “STOP LABELING!

  1. we can always say “stop labelling”..but it happens anyway..its not something that we can avoid..instead, gotta live with is a shame though to concede to the fact that it has become apart of our society.. *sigh*

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