the best thing in life that God gives us is the chance to explore new things which can be done through experiment/s.

Lucas, Grignard, Charles, Benedict, Fehling, Bohr and Heisenberg and some other remarkable and renown scientists had come out with outstanding works and efforts, contributing invaluable and great discoveries to the world.

Throughout series of experiments, they can prove what’s wrong and what’s not wrong.

In fact, among the intelligentsia, the arguments, dissatisfaction or rivalry had brought into newer ideas, models, techniques to negate the previous ones. That we call, improvisation.

Alas, we never employ the same method  in searching of a better us. I notice that, at least for me, for me.

I went through a lot in life. But that makes me ‘alive’.

I received plethora of negative comments about my self, but I smile and say, that is temporary.

The flaws identified, though it might have not discarded, but I’m working on it, run a few experiments, so that I will become the new me, by leaving the flaws.

Being tested, sometime intentionally and disdainfully by the people, formally or accidentally connected with me somehow place me in a tube of improvement.

They are always welcomed and pleased to say any words, and I will always take it as, a driver, an external motivator.

Perhaps, that is the catalyst I used to use in experimenting myself.

I love to say this-I will become a better person.

But the result, or the prior observations made do not conform with the promises uttered.

Hey, remember, this is experiment. Like solving maths’ problems?, its a trial and error.

Most of the time, you would not get the expected result. Some outcomes are far beyond the expectation.

But failures never impede me to reach the state,

where I can say, done!


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