To Define The Best Teacher

Tonight I am going to write about this matter. On how to define accurately the best teacher. On how to measure very precisely the quality that one should acquire before he can be labelled as best teacher.

I think most of us love to base the definition on perception which I think not wise. Some rather orient the definition towards  the outcome and students’ achievements  which I also think, not wise.

Yes, I am still new, a baby in this teaching field yet that never impede me to speak out my mind right?

Ok, let us negate that two approaches that people love to base the definition on.

First, say if you want to define one has reached his ultimate level as a good teacher based only on the perception, what is your justification? And whose perception you are convinced reliable to be used to reason out?

A good teacher can be one who received lots of complaints from his students. A good teacher can be seen as one who always being ferocious to his students. A good teacher can be looked stingy to his students. A good teacher can be one who doesn’t know how to pronounce well some terms and with no good fluency in English. He can be one who easily doing mistakes and can not answer few questions from his students (whom blatantly to test his knowledge).

But still who are you to judge that he is not a good teacher simply because you believed he is so? Sadly, the perceptions counted are those from unqualified group of people and yet far from being the level at which the teacher at now, academically.

Perceptions by any ways can not be accepted and used as one of the tools to grade the quality of one in teaching. Unless, you already have the criteria to be complied with, without being bias to any party (neither students nor teachers), only then perception plays. But please, do your supervision in each and every inch of the teacher not only during lecture in class because that is still, inaccurate!

Secondly, and I believe the most popular method that has been used to measure the quality of teacher in delivering knowledge to the students, is by looking at the NUMBER of passing students. This kind of idea is not only bought to scale teachers but even worse to grade the education system. That is why we shouldn’t have been wasting our time to debate on the quality of our system because what matters to most of us is the RESULT. How many A’s did student manage to get for their exam?

We love to JUMP to the lame and stupid conclusion that if there’s an increment of the number of student getting A’s in exam so it reflects the top and ultimate quality of the system and we do stubbornly apply the same concept to fit the definition of best teacher. How silly!

What if the teacher, with the aim of being labelled as good teacher, leaking out the exams questions to his students? What if the teacher just lucky to have bright students?

You CAN NOT blindly putting label like that as it will impliedly connote that teachers whose his students doing terribly in the exam are not good teachers albeit it is obviously not their fault!

There are plethora of cases where good and qualified teachers producing so-so students.

I do have my own definition. A good or best teacher is one who always inspired  to improve himself from time to time. A good teacher is one who always trying his level best to guide his student to understand better .

A good teacher is one who can exhibit good attitudes and conducts to his students. A good teacher is the one who firmly stick to his job as a teacher no matter how hard the paths to educate people, to build the nation, and fabricate civilization are.



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