1230 AM

We are still alive despite too many things happened in our life is because He loves us. He wants us to repent. He wants us to choose the right path; discounting the superabundance sins we have commited to.

Simply, we are being given, still, with one more chance. The previous chances wasted even worse uncared-for as we believe there will be more chances to come.

He bestows us with pleasure, enjoyment and bliss. We never feel blessed and what more to thank Him by saying Alhamdulillah.

We are just overbearing, and always feel like we can live independently without His blessings. Please remember that we are entrusted with responsibilties. We are born with hope that we will be benefecial for this Earth.

So please stop being uppish like you will live for ever. Like you have no tasks to execute.

Everything is made for reasons. So do us.


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