i can say that psychotherapeutic drugs are never needed. hallucinations and dellusions are identical, from every aspect. no matter where you stand and from which angle you see, you still have to agree that they are identical.

why they call it a disease in the very first place huh? i don’t see it as a disease. i don’t think that someone who is called pyscho needs a drug to calm him down. they are not ill!

they are just in their own world. after suffering from series of unfortunate events that happened in your world. that were many caused by their loved ones, by you..why do you call them insane huh?

they are not. it is like living as  how you are now. if you can have an extreme obsession with your life then why they can not??

if they see you as how you see them, then they would call you crazy too. but can you accept that? world is not one. it has many. everyone has their own world.

its either you admit it or not. you somehow live in the world where you are alone and unaccompanied. but you imagine it as in there are people around you, surround you, protect you, love you.

but that is only your lame imagination! the truth is, bitter yet true, you are not going anywhere, you are just there, right there, watching tv while concurrently inventing your world.

now tell me which one is real? your world or theirs?


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