I met this one kakak. Cute, may be because she is small and slender; petite. I saw her on my first day in UM. She looks younger than her age, I guess she’s around 30-35.

She’s been working with gomen for more than 10 years. At research lab; somewhere which I don’t think necessary to mention it here.

Only now she got the opportunity to study. She is nice. Very humble. I noticed it while we were in a group discussing and finding ways to solve problems given by our lecturer. I know she knows more than me. But she keeps a low profile.

I read this one book; Adakah Berhala Dalam Diri Kita. An old book lent by my officemate. One of the significant point made by the author is ” look at people around you. they have a greater ability than you. but they keep humble. because they know everything comes from Allah”.

We own nothing here. We don’t have rights to be uppish and overbearing. We are just human.

We borrow all these from Him. Anytime, He can snatch them away from us. Nothing lasts forever.



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