I hate it much when people throw out accusatory statements without beforehand investigating. I despise it the most when people put the blame solely on me when it is supposed to be an everyone’s fault.

It never a matter of who you are, or what position you hold, your attitude must be right. As a matured adult, who claimed to have gained a lot of experiences, I don’t expect you to behave in such idiotic way.

I know what is right to me. Of course, so long it doesn’t violate the creeds that I believe in, I consider it right. Simple.

When I think something that is not right, surely I will speak out. That is how I work.

The End.




One thought on “I HATE IT!

  1. Remain soft-spoken & forgiving, even when reason is on ur side..plus gv them ur sweet & sincere smile
    p/s: mungkin ini menJENGKELkan dorg…tp biar laa

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