This late afternoon I was attacked by sudden headache. That was very discomforting. That was distracting my attention on my works. So, I took a mechanical pencil and test pad.

Actually, I was looking for plain A4 paper but there was none.

I started to draw.

I am not good at drawing, that one I admit. I am not Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Klimt or any other renowned painters. Anyway, have you seen their works? Here’s one attractive painting that amazed me – a great piece from Klimt.

Beautiful, right? There are many paintings from Klimt that I love but most of his paintings are erotic as he believed that is how to depict the art as ( which I got to disagree and don’t think proper to display ).

But there was one saying from him that I like.

“I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I’m not certain of whether it’s true.”

So, even though I am not good at drawing and painting but I believe I can draw and paint as quoted in his saying.

But, lo and behold, why were there many paintings that I found on the internet erotic? Was every painter then sharing the same belief as Klimt?

I was wondering why they chose to draw naked women over properly dressed women in their paintings? And why it seemed like a must to draw erotic scene instead of say, a happy family at dining table?

And my thought on these things keep boggling in my mind.

While waiting for the answers to come and knock my head, I made the pencil dances on paper as to pour down my emotions and to excrete out that distressful headache.

I let my mind to recess.

I drew four faces. Two girls, one woman, and one man. Signed off and dated. I pinned the drawing on the wall. I wish I could scan and upload it, but I was too shy to do so. It was pretty ugly.

But the feeling of having drawn something out of the blue was wonderful. I was happy and relieved. That was a complete undress of everything.

And I think again, that was may be the feeling that these painters had. That was may be the only reason why they called this beautiful art erotic. Just may be.

Drawing is quite similar to writing. You can portray almost everything through them. Sometimes the more painful you are, the more  beautiful your artworks would be.

And like emotions and feelings these are inexplicable.


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