Sunday II

I try to descry the fancy rainbow when it appears along my way to you. It makes feel even low.The hovering mists and fogs around the hills hinder me to justify the beauty of that wonderful seven spectra further. It managed to divert the sorrows for a moment or so, but that perpetual longing of cuddling you keeps it still, inside.

My languished heart is still beating, feebly. The memories that tied tightly around it keeps me alive. The bruised soul that seems vacant since the day you left me, is still is and even more deserted. It has shrunk to a smaller size, and the surface of it rugged  , for it lacks your nourishing loves and affections.

Could you please at least be responsible for this one?

I have passed the rainbow, far behind. But the thought for/of you is I believe endless. And because of that, I drive all this way to see you. To pull you close, so that I can feel your breath right from your nose. The warmth of your body surely will heat this icy self up to love temperature, and melt it down. It can pacify the upcoming uninvited visits of the old memories.

You know what is left for me to live happily?

You know what will stop me from seeking you?

You know what will make this love disappear?

The answer is NOTHING but this last meet. Though I know it will beget agony, but I still have to meet you as there will be the only chance to steal the love that you kept at the abyss of your heart.


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