a human being

I found it difficult to understand the word ‘being’. It is not only due to my vocab limitation but more than that  my confusion on why ‘being’ must be put there after human.

May be not all human are being human or humanly enough. We put being with the aim of reminding them to be human and not merely claiming they are human without being a good one. Okay, many ‘beings’.

But before that, how do we define human? What is the right, concise or perhaps the most succinct way of describing human? No, don’t find its definition on dictionaries for it will bring you no where. Because surely it doesn’t solve the very confusion we are in now. It could be millions definition from scholars but it could be misleadingly vague and ambiguous. 

I am asking you, you claimed yourself human, then why it is very difficult for you define human or in this context to define yourself? It is not kinda piece of cake thingy, is it?

Somehow it is good to know that defining yourself is not easy. Because having known that only you would understand that dealing with human ain’t easy. As a matter of fact, handling yourself is even more complex and endlessly tiring .

We change the way we think and behave without realizing it. As we grow older, we try to adjust things so it will be in line with the way we think. Or in most cases, the way they want us as an adult to think.

I may not be giving you the right definition for human. and human being. But one thing for sure, we should have been behaving to please people instead of pleasing ourselves.

A human being means being a human.


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