I went back to Sijangkang to collect letters as mentioned by Kak Ngah, banyak. And I surprised when I saw a postcard from someone that I miss very much, my beloved sis, Kak Diyana.

I found it difficult to read what’s written on the card but I managed to after trying hard few times. (difficult because the card was half wet) 

Salam Bonat,


Escher believes in infinity and eternity.

He produced great artworks out of it.

I find it inspiring. 

Wishing you a great day.




Simple words but I appreciate it much. It made my day, honestly. I hope I can upload it here to share how beautiful the postcard is with all the readers but I think it is better to keep it exclusive. wee

I don’t know why she sent me the card. I know nothing about Escher. But this postcard is really meant something to me.

I love you kd. Till we meet again. Take care.


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