There’s a time when you have nothing to choose. And at times, or most of the times in life you have plenty of choices yet you don’t know which to choose. 

What makes it so difficult to choose? Why do we have to afraid of mistakenly choosing? We know life is about trying, don’t we?

So again, what makes it so difficult to choose?

Perhaps, the most difficult thing is not to opt, but what to drop. Or may be both. Because we can not be greedy. You can not be taking everything together neither to leave every option you have un-picked. 

So, be wise to carefully opt what to drop. Things that you choose might not turn into something good and sometimes can turn into something unexpectedly bad. 

The key is to have faith. To have faith in Allah. He knows best. We have limitations. We can not go beyond that. No matter, how thorough you weigh the options, how deep you think about it. 

I have decided. Whatever happens in the future, whatever tomorrow is going to offer, I need to decide, firmly. The rest, I leave entirely to Allah to govern. Insha Allah. 


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