This entry is posted to specially deliver my deepest gratitude to my good friend. He’s been asking this for months and I only got the chance to fulfill it now.

I was having rough times after quitting from my previous job. Of course, economically relatively unstable when unemployed.

At the same time, I need to commute back and forth to UM to attend classes and all. So I thought the nearest shelter that I can have is VS. 

I’ve been there for 4 months or so and I felt quite embarrass during that time, but I just have no where to head to. 

I am lucky to have been granted with good friends. I know, it could be highly unlikely for one to give you stay without paying a single pence. 

You are one of my good friends. Not just because of the aforesaid good deed that you did and still do but mainly because the noble heart you possess.

I envy you much at times on how you could be consistently patient with idiotic idiosyncrasies people around you displaying. And for that,  you deserve some respect.

Friend, sometimes you need to let things go. Especially when they hurt and bite your heart every time you breath. 

I am pretty sure you know what I mean. 

I pray you the best for your future. Again, thank you for everything. May this friendship lasts long though we have no friendship band. Hahaha.

Till we meet again! wee 😛


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