I don’t know what would be kinds of help that I can offer to lift the burden that my sis and her family experiencing now. Apart from praying, I only can write this to show how much I care, and how I understand that going through all this thing  ain’t easy.

Muhammad Hazim Mukhriz, 6, has been warded for a month or so due to nerve cancer. Since then, he has had 3 operations on the head to remove excess amount of water that been densely accumulated in it.

I just had the chance to see him in hospital few days ago when I was in JB.

At the moment I saw him, I couldn’t help but to immediately effortlessly cry. He’s only 6, and now he’s wrestling against cancer. It is painful, definitely. I can tell from his whimpering.

I couldn’t stand seeing all the stitches all over his head, with his bulgy eyes and skinny body.  I just hope this will not last long. Or, if possible,  let me replace him so that he wouldn’t have to endure all the pains on his own.

To Kak Lon and Abang Ajib, I know words are easier said than done. But this is the only thing that I can do, however. I know you two are strong. In fact, the strongest persons that I have ever seen.

Allah tests you both because He knows that you can bare with it.

“…Tidaklah diberatkan seseorang melainkan menurut kemampuannya…”

Al-Baqarah 233

I strongly believe that one fine day, soon, that Azim will get his life back that he can happily live his life without further suffering from this pain. Usaha dan Tawakal. Insha Allah.


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