Defining life is one of my favorite. Doing this makes me closer to my creator. I am glad that my every quest ended with seeing my very God.

2012 has passed.

It was quick that I couldn’t even recall what’d been happening throughout the year. I barely re-play each and every moment I’ve been through.

Despite  the time that swiftly elapsed, I learned a lot.

I eked out a living as a full time student after quitting job. It was tough but wonderful. Wonderful for I learned that we must work very hard, as independently as possible to make our dream attainable.

In the mid year, I was offered a new job. I moved to a very secluded place. There, I knew that intelligence alone is not enough. You have to have a good quality as human, with humility and courtesy.

Now it’s 2013.

I am now in the new place. New challenge to be born with. New people to be dealt with.

This year, if all the plans can be executed properly, and of course with His willing, it can be the greatest and happiest year ever or at least better than the yester years.

In Shaa Allah.


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