I am not too sure what pushes me to be writing an entry today. I wrote few times weeks  before but I deleted them all.

I admit, the hardest person that I can trust is myself. I am afraid to push  ‘publish’ button just because I know the writings were all crappy.

It is hard to believe that I am able to do things when every time I tried, I failed. No, I am not talking about the ability of writing here which is conspicuously,_________________________________(type-any-bad-remark-here).

(Yes, a disclaimer lest you won’t be focusing much on it)

It is all about everything that I wished I could do but I didn’t or I did but it didn’t work.

Belief coupled with proof/s. People persuaded by seeing things work. Like people believe they can walk when they walked. Like people started to believe there was a dinosaur named Megalosaurus when Buckland discovered its fossil. Like people believe that Obama can bring about peace to this world when he is conferred with Nobel Peace Prize.

But may be making people believe you are able is beyond  ability or it is just unnecessary.


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