I have so many many things to write. I have not written anything since the last few months and this is no good. I find it best to have blog and to pour down my idea without being afraid of being rejected and mercilessly criticized.
Sometimes, we need to just say whatever crosses to our mind as people will always be judgmental and worst love to put words into our mouths. As an adult and so long you know what you want to say is right then why bother much about perceptions and people’s acceptance?

Rejection makes us stronger. Comments from people make you learn more. Without being prejudice and judgmental like people tend to be, I choose to be more open and taking every remark made upon me positively.

I still remember the moment when my friends laughed at my improper English. I got offended of course but knowing that my English IS poor, I took it as a challenge. My English gets no better since then but at least I have tried to make it one.

I still remember too, how my English was ridiculed in front of the public and how they underestimated my ability to write and speak in English. To tell you the truth, every word that they uttered, every destructive comments they made, are still fresh in my head. The saddest part was when my very deary students making fun of my English in my class!

I swallowed every one of them and fuel it up to push me stronger. I should be thanking them, however, for due to abundance criticism I have been receiving since then, I start to read English books (though it takes years for a book to be finished!) and use the language more often.

My point here is, you can get offended by the comments, especially the offensive ones but do not drag it long for it would just make you miserable and worst you would start to hate yourself.

Hey, you know yourself best. As a human being, we own flaws.  In fact, every single human on earth DOES! The task is not to get offended and cry over those harsh comments only but to try at your best to get rid of those by further improving yourself.

You deserve to be better and no one should stop you from moving towards it.

I deserve to design my own future. Though it is hard sometimes to get up and stand after being shot down, but I had to. If i didn’t do what I am doing now and striving to achieve my goals then who is going to do this for me? None!

English is just an example. That’s not the whole point. They are other matters too, that I struggled to do but got no supports.

I dreamt a lot. I am very ambitious. I know no limit.

When I share my plans for my future, I would get laughed and ridiculed immediately. They always think that I am just a daydreamer.

Dream a lot but achieve none.

They can talk. But I will always walk.

I may be making more blunders , but I will correct them fast.

Ultimately, it is Allah that will realize your every dream. It is Him that will grant your wishes. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Keep trying and praying.

Allah is listening and watching. Always.


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