Writing is never easy.

I respect all the writers especially the prolific ones, who can write well and earn handsomely from it.

I always want to be a writer. But until now, I couldn’t find the talent. So, I postpone.

While waiting the talent to be bestowed upon me, I embrace myself in teaching industry.

I never say that I have what it takes to be a good teacher and to excel with this career, but at least this is the thing that I really enjoy doing, thus far.

I am still new. In fact, very new that I still consider myself as a rookie.

Despite my shallow experience as an educator, there are quite a number of matters that I have learned. Those are the things that I would never have gained if I were outside of this field.

First, it never occurs to me that how noticeably education has evolved and how it has shaped our generations.

When I was in school, my teachers (plural) always said that their generation was better than ours. I despised this very much for I think it is unfair to judge a generation merely based on say, an attitude of a student, or a group of students. That judgement for me is superficial. We need a proper experiment to examine that.

But now, when I am dealing with my students, I started to admit that what was claimed by my teachers is right.

Like it or not, it is very obvious that we have to admit, our future generation is going to be worse than what we are seeing now than what we have seen before.

Does this thing happen naturally that we can’t do anything to make it better? Without being defensive, have we played our parts well in making sure that our generation is improving?

‘We’ means everyone of us. Parents, society, teachers, leaders and every single of us who lives in this community and bare the same responsibility; to see a better generation.

The issue here is the value is eroding. We are no longer placing the right amount of emphasis on value. We focus too much on brain.

Values like respect, humility, and courtesy seem to be not important to be imparted, to be taught and inherited.

I have taught many students from different background. I have experience working with both private colleges and public university. All of them are smart for they obtained a very good result in SPM.

But I dare to say quite many of them are not knowing that having good grades in the exam is not enough.

They must be having some sort of values and ethics in order to be accepted in the community because they don’t even know that some attitudes that they display are socially abhorred.

They are not mean, they are not bad people. In fact, they are a very good people. They are just lacking the aforesaid values.

Especially humility.

It is incumbent upon us;  parents and teachers to tell the students that it is good that you have aced your SPM, but you must show some respect (still) to your lecturers. Having good result doesn’t stop anyone from gaining more knowledge, what more to ridicule people who give them knowledge.

You will not learn, if you always think that you are better and more clever than other. Kids, mind you it is just SPM. There are a lot more to come and believe me SPM will not help you if you keep behaving this way. The reality is, some SPM scorers flunked during A-level and also during undergraduate studies. Things are not easy as you think.

I can not blame the students 100% for I know that become the way they are because of the upbringing.

Parents, I know, you love your children very much.

I know that you want to make sure you give the best to them.

I know that you are willing to sacrifice everything  to make sure they have a better future.

I know and understand that very well.

But, please, you don’t treat your children like robots. They are human. You don’t program them according to your needs but please see them as a human who has to be coloured  with values.

Teach them how to respect people. Teach them to be humble. Teach them to be more human.

You don’t leave that responsibility alone to us, the educators for I am worried it would be too late.

I know you have never taught your children to be disrespectful, to be a braggart and arrogant but some traits are learned through conducts.

The way you bring yourself in the community, the way you treat servers in the restaurant, the way you talk to your friends, the way you speak to university’s administrator, the way you scold your children’s teachers; all of these are being inherited indirectly by your beloved sons and daughters.

I have a very bad personal experience dealing with parents. And I was not surprised having the same bad experience dealing with their kids.

My point here is, generation is a reflection of a nation, the main determinant of how bright of one nation will be.

And that fabrication of generation starts in the family. Your own family.

As an educator, I feel very sorry that I can not change their attitude.

And as an educator, I meekly plead every parent and every one of us to take a serious look into this matter.

Unless we are happy seeing the robotic generation with zero values.

Again, I don’t write this as a sweep generalisation. Of course, they are some students who still uphold values and value them very much.

I write because I care. I will never stop saying the truth because I really want to see a better generation than mine.











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