Assalamualaikum wbt

Honesty is solely about how often you keep promises that you made to YOURSELF.

If you can’t even keep promises that you made to yourself, don’t dream about fulfilling promises that you made to others.

Because it will never work.

God has created us perfectly that our own body and the whole system would eventually tell us that it is not right to break those promises.

It is not easy, to be honest to yourself, seriously. Thing as simple as to execute ‘to-do-list’ that you wrote in the morning can be very difficult to do  when you are being dishonest.

Especially when you know that there’s no one to keep their eyes on you, or when you think you still have an ample time to finish your work.

The fact is that every minute you wasted can not be taken back. You do not want to be blamed upon what you missed to achieve , do you?

It is very hurtful when  you miss good opportunity in life not because people take it away from you but you let it go yourself!

I do not want to be even part of my failure. I imagine so many good things to come in future and never let go of any of them. I have made so many promises to myself,  I have broken many of them too, so I shall put an end to this series of breaking promises.

I just hate being dishonest, especially to myself.

I shall be committing to my work, 200%. Putting extraordinaire effort, as much as I could so I will not regret anything later.

I have regretted so many things in my life, mainly because I didn’t use the chance  that Allah gave me well. So to be thankful for being bestowed another good and life-changing chance, I should never give up and I must be strong to face any obstacle that lies ahead.

I can do this.

Allah is always with me.


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