I have always been in the state where I undecided to either share things with people. I found it hard to keep things to myself. But I have some hesitation to share it too.

I have no interesting stories but I have a few big issues that I need someone to talk to.

By doing so, hopefully the pain that I bear would be lifted away. I do not hope for solutions, though, people would incline to, but I just need ears.

But sharing with people about what you face or how you feel is not as wonderful as you thought it was supposed to be. You may be hoping that you will get yourself relieved after talking to someone, but it can be worst at times.

In my case, I used to be sharing everything with people. I know they were people who got annoyed with my ‘transparency’ because I left nothing un-reserved. Everything was told.

After sometime, especially when things are not in my favour, I find it weakening to share about whatever hits me and my family.

It is not that I am isolating away but i don’t find it okay to have things shared with people.

One reason may be, I hate it to have received insensitive remarks as if I exaggerate things and et cetera. I despise it very much. Having ceased sharing, Alhamdulillah, I feel a lot better.

Secondly, as I have slightly mentioned, it weakens me terribly every time I talk things with people. I would start crying and worst, questioning why does this and that happen to me. This is definitely not healthy. I should have not questioned whatever decided and given by Allah. I am afraid I would go far strayed from the right path.

These tribulations should have made me even closer to God.

So, perhaps, this is the best way of living. Share if you think people care. Don’t humiliate yourself sharing with people who don’t.


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