Get To Know Yourself!

We spent too much of time knowing (trying to know) people. It is massively and attentively done through our observations.

The sole purpose is just to get to know person better. But, knowing people does not really mean you know only the good sides of them. In fact, most of the time, we tend to see the ugly sides  first before we can really see the good and vibrant sides of them.

Albeit it may be a little pathetic but in so doing, we will have a picture of what type of person that people really is. Because knowing is the first step that we need to take to understand people so we will be aware of the dos and donts.

So, now that you have known and understood people around you so well through endless observations that you made upon them might as well you do the same unto you, right?

We always take ourselves for granted. Perhaps, we hardly revisit our own souls  just because we think we have known them. But is it really the actual case?

Contextually no. Like who bothers to scan himself for he knows it has been with him since forever? We will be likely to just let non-self to do it for us.

Sadly but true, we learn to understand ourselves more through the eyes of others while we ourselves own ones.

Can’t our eyes operate the same way like others’ do? Why can’t we see ourselves especially the dark sides of us independently?

Or we have been living in the room of denial where it is locked from inside while we know we can see clearly our very weaknesses hovering around.

Probably, we just don’t have the courage to disclose them and exhibit to the world.

People, I guess, we need to gather all the strength that we have to examine ourselves. ‘They’ have been bullied and tortured via continuous unfairly  remarks and postulations that unwelcomely made upon ‘them’.

Let’s take some amount of courage to carry out this very experiment of investigating ourselves. The results may not be in our favour but ultimately it is us.

It is not only unjust but sickening to have ourselves shaped and dictated by what people think (and want) we see ourselves.


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