What’s New?

So new year is drawing near (and that implies the end is getting nearer too, no?) . This Friday 2016 will come and greet us ” What have you achieved (spiritually) in 2015?”

That very question always leaves me clueless. Every year.

Rather than thinking what to be aimed at in the next coming year, I prefer to look back and reflecting on what I have done throughout the year that just passed. Because we often tend to repeat the same mistakes in the following year. It is best if we can avoid it by re-evaluate ourselves.

My focus would be on my ibadah and akhlak, in general; what did I do to be loved as a person and as a servant.

New year is just another year, consisting of 12 months and 365 days, like, nothing really new, isn’t?

It is us that should be new and renewed. Leaving all the hideous part of ourselves and substituting it with something good.

We can not be just the same person and servant every year. Else, what is the point of getting greyed, and bald?

We can’t wait anymore, time is running out. If we don’t do something to make us better, now, right now, we may have lost the chance to, forever!

Because, who knows when we will die and how we will die, right? So waiting for the right time is useless as we wait longer, the death is getting closer. Right times do not really exist, anyway!

Now, let us forget (by repenting and regretting) all the sins that we have done and start finding ways to help ourselves to be closer to Allah.

Let us try our best to be a better person and servant.

But how?

Start with simple things like, perform your solah on-time (congregational at mosque/surau) and giving salam to everyone that you meet. Try these two things first. It looks easy but it is not! It will take your whole heart to commit to what you have promised, to yourself.

Do small good things, consistently.

Consistency is very important. It measures your persistency in sticking to what you do, no matter how hard it is.

Once you have gotten yourself used to it, you would find it easy to do other things like puasa sunat, dhuha, tahajjud, and et cetera.

So, start now.

A good change is one that starts with ourselves and with small things.











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