This happened about a week or so when I had isyak at this one surau in my neighborhood.

While praying there was a phone ringing. And it rang until we finished praying.

Right after we gave salam, a pakcik that sat next to me shouted very loudly ‘ lain kali masuk surau tutup telefon! Dalam surau pun buat perangai pelik’

And he repeated the same line twice just to reiterate the point that was clearly delivered albeit I found it pointless.

Well, I think that was inappropriate. And am sure all of you are on the same page with me.

That person (which I dont know who) might have forgotten to switch off his phone. Simple.

Was it disturbing?  Depends. But there’s always a better way of correcting people, whatever the ‘crime’ is.

Shouting that loud in the surau randomly is really unwelcoming that person to come again and performing solah congregationally.

Akhlak is important brother. Emulate Rasulullah and see how patiently he dealt with this situation. Any issue can always be solved amicably.

It is ubiquitous to see this kind of unwelcoming attitude and ironically it is usually done by ahli surau.


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