When I was at a very tender age, my parents decided to separate. Since then, I learned to be more independent. Living my life with the absence of my mum.

I didn’t know how it really felt like to be without a mother figure in a house but I did know that I had to take care of myself as my abah busy doing his works outside to support our family.

Did I feel unfortunate?

Not really. I just felt lonely and longed to be with my mum, once a while. But after awhile I found it okay to be alone and independent.

It strengthened me emotionally.

It was not really a misfortunate event for me. At a very young age, I didn’t really know the meaning of qada and qadar, I just learned it fast to adjust myself with changes that happened in my life.

I forthwith adopted the same formula every time I had obstacles in life. Whatever the hurdle is, I just have to face it, independently.

Being independent doesn’t mean I am selfish. It means I am matured enough to handle my own self when being tested.

I cried, stumbled and got up on my own, without people helping me out of the misery. I cried, in fact, quite a lot, oftentimes secretly.

I am lucky and I must be thankful to Allah for sending me good family and friends, so even I insisted to solve problems myself, there are hands offered to help me just to lighten burdens that I carry.

I am grateful that though I am a lousy , Allah still have good things bestowed upon me.

My wife and my daughter are the most precious gifts that I ever had in my life. I just can not live without these two people. My wife knows me very well. She takes care of me from A to Z. She is always there and lifted me up when I was down.

Yesterday, was the day when I really realise how important she is to me. I can’t live a minute without her. Allah, please give us strength to go through this, together. I will never treat her bad. I will protect her and love her for the rest of my life. Allah, please help us to go through this. Make us strong. Make her strong.

May this tribulation bring us closer to you.

Unite us again in your Jannah.









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