Recently, I read an article shared by one of my fb friends on how to make the prophet real to small children. It is an enlightening read, especially for me, a young parent who is still searching the best method to ‘introduce’ Muhammad and Allah to my daughter, Iona.

It is never too early to impart this on our children, as the author put it in the article. We can not wait until the children grow up because it might be too late. Verily, it is  important for muslim parents to educate children the Islamic way of life. Other than Quran and hadith, Muhammad is an excellent example for us to follow (Quran, 33: 21).

The author has successfully mentioned how to subtly teach children to be like Muhammad. All the tips that were given in the writing are really useful and feasible.

I am not going to summarize them here. You can read it on your own. And tell me what you feel after reading it.

Because I personally felt like being slapped right in my face! I mean, how could I claim myself a Muslim and a good parent if I have never taught my daughter about Muhammad? How can a Muslim be a real Muslim without emulating Muhammad? Quran has mentioned that he is an excellent pattern for anyone but we still disregard him in our daily life?

It is okay. We still have time to correct the way we raise our kids. It is never too late but actions must be taken quick!

One of the things that I need to learn from Muhammad is, patience. Because, I notice I can get emotional over small matters. Sometimes, when you are tired, you can get pissed off easily, right. And you will only realised that it was irrational only after your baby went to sleep.

I couldn’t help but to shed tears every time I lost my temper. Iona is just one year plus. She knows nothing. She didn’t mischieve to annoy me, she did it to get my attention, after being ‘left’ with babysitter for the whole day. Oftentimes, I cried seeing her sleeping. I know she is just an innocent baby. I should know how to control my temper.

Muhammad is the best example. He was very kind and a loving person. Never even once mentioned in Quran or hadith about him getting angry at kids. He treated them with great kindness and respect.

I really need to change myself. Not that I am that mean to my daughter that I scold her everyday, but there are times that I lost control and shouted at her. I feel very sorry. I should have not done that.

So everyone, let us be as good as Muhammad. It is hard but doesn’t mean we have to give up trying. Allah will help us Insha Allah. Read more and practice more, Insha Allah.

These are the books that I bought, if I may share, which I found helpful.

  1. Prophetic Parenting, Dr Muhammad Nur Abdul Hafizh Suwaid
  2. Ilyas and Duck, Search for Allah

May Allah bless us all and may He guide us to be a better person!









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