While writing this I can hear very clearly birds tweeting as to greet me who happens to wake up a lil bit early this morning. Usually I would go to sleep right after Subuh prayer during weekends but not today.

I plan to finish a book today, getting myself lost in every chapter. I have a lot of books to be read, which have been abandoned for months. Now that I have gotten new book voucher so I must finish these books before the new ones hit the shelf.

I started to have this hobby since I was in secondary school. My late Abah would buy a magazine once a month just to inculcate the habit of reading in me. I started with variasari. I am not sure whether it is still published now but it was as popular as Mastika then.

The contents of the book also quite similar to Mastika. They offered mystical and some superstitious stories. Well, if you ask me to read that kind of book now, I would say no. But when I was a teenager that was the only genre that I enjoy reading.The objective to get me reading books, at least, was completely achieved. I thank Abah for that. I know he didn’t want me to believe all those stories. He just wanted me to read.

I am not going to spell out benefits of reading as everyone knows them.

But be very careful with what we read. Certain books may be able to alter the way we think, negatively. Be very careful with the contents. Not all books are good.

Sources from Internet could be more catastrophic because ‘anyone now can write’ allows non-professionals to opine issues that they are not well-verse with.

Alarmingly, many of us incline to make conclusions based only on the headlines that they read. It happened so often that the news reported were misleading but damage has been done. By the time the truth prevailed, thousands of lies have been propagated and believed.

That’s why I rarely read online unless the source is reliable and the author is credible.

People are craving for information but sadly most of the time they are being misinformed simply because they did not do thorough readings and research.

I would go and find books related to the issues that I am interested in. For me, it takes a lot of readings so as to master any issue. You can not say that you know inside out of an issue just because you have read an article, can you?

Books will give you wider perspective. I am not exclaiming that book is the absolute source but it is undeniably a must read resource. Neither I say that you must accept everything written by in the book but believe me it will help you to understand an issue better.

So,  in a nutshell, do not hesitate to spend money on books. Also, do invest a certain amount of time on reading, it would definitely worth your every minute.

The urge to get updated about current issues is commendable but it is better if you supply yourself with reliable information.

Lo and behold, having read books doesn’t make you a know-it-all person. It takes maturity and repetitive process of unbiased analysis to gauge whether the information that you get is worth to be considered or not.

Be wise and selective. Information come in many forms. Do not get yourself immersed in a sea of information and lost or drowned.

Good luck!




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