I have dreams- but dreams have gradually become something that I am not really going after, especially after I reach certain points in my life.

I had a lot of dreams when I was younger. I dreamt to be someone influential; prolific writer, a singer, an actor, politician, and motivational speaker.

Those were the days I thought I could be anything that I want. I am not sure whether that idea is still wearable now. Certainly, those dreams were just dreams. I have never worked towards realising any of them.

Because I used to believe, dreams are just foreseen broken promises that ones have in their mind. I have never believed that it can be real. Dreams are just dreams. 

But the meaning of dreams changed from time to time. I started to see dreams as ambitions- things that we have to go after, doing whatever it takes to realize it.

Once we are determined, we can be whatever we want to be. But of course you would have to encounter few obstacles. 

The most common one is you’ll see people that love to ridicule you and your efforts towards achieving your ambitions. And that can be the cause of failure. We can get easily demotivated when people belittle our dreams and that demotivation can definitely lead to devastation. 

It is hard to get up and just ignore these naysayers because they consistently and persistently want to bring us down.  They will not stop until you say ‘okay I give up’

People expect you to fail that’s normal but you must prove them wrong.  Never ever heed to negative comments which are blatantly intended to stop you from trying. 

We know what we really want and we certainly know the reasons why we chase after our dreams. People will never understand and you don’t have to trouble yourself trying to make them understand. 

Keep the reaction low, let the yield speak. 

I have met many types of people. I used to believe and take every single negative remarks that they put on me. I gave up before I even start trying and that’s regretful. 

I don’t want to regret anymore. I just want to move forward and do the best I could to make sure my future is bright.

I have become a new person in this process that I don’t care less about what people say and think. 

Be with people that know you, love you and support you. Appreciate them. Be a good person and always encourage people to go after their dreams.

Don’t be a person that causes failures of others. Don’t discourage people from trying. 

We all have our own dreams. It may sound impossible to some people but it is okay. 

The only thing matters is you. Be you and make yourself proud.




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