You turned two years old last Saturday, on 3rd September 2016. We went to AEON to buy a slice of cake. It was a chocolate cheese cake; an instance of tolerance as Ibu loves chocolate very much (and hates cheese) and I fond cheese (and despise chocolates), forever. But the cake tasted good, to my surprise.

For the very first time, as it was your birthday, I allowed you to eat cake. You seemed to be enjoying every piece of it.

You are two years old now.

The feelings seeing you grow up are heterogeneous.

Partly, I am happy because you are getting healthier by day. There is nothing to worry. You are completely fine. We managed to set off all the prognosis, so I can proudly pat on your back for being strong and persistent!

But, at the same time, I am worried if I didn’t give my best to you. People say, any fool can have a baby but it takes a man to raise a child.

I do not want to be in the pool of fool, I want to be the man that you will look up to.

Question is, have I been a good father to you?

I have no answer.

And that is the most difficult part being a father- to always look perfect to his daughter.

As you grow, gradually, you will see my flaws. I hope you will still love me the way you do now.

Life is getting harder, Iona. But Abah and Ibu are slogging our guts out for you. Insha Allah, we can walk this through together. Stay strong, okay? This won’t be long I promise.

Happy 2nd Birthday Anak Abah!








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