You ARE Beautiful!

This is for my beloved wife.

I want it to be read by others too, hence I put it up on this blog. You may find this obnoxious, but I seriously think that everyone can relate to this ‘story’.

My wife was not happy today when she reached her office. At least, not as happy as she was when she left home and when I kissed her forehead this morning. I knew it from the message that she sent to me.

‘Do I look good?’

‘Am I ugly?’

I knew it right away that she is not okay.

‘Tell me, am I beautiful?’

I said ‘Of course, you ARE beautiful’.

For the record, she has never asked me these kinds of question before, I mean, with that serious tone so I suspect there’s must be something happen in the office.

So she told me that someone derided the way she looks, with the dated attire and hijab and pimples. That person said my wife looks old.

This is not the first time she received this negative remark. Before this people even imitated the way she walks. But she was so okay and never get offended with all these nonsenses.

But not today.

She felt a little bit upset with the critics. Not because she thinks she is beautiful, but because she thinks there are many ways of projecting out your opinions, regardless how close you are with the person that you want to critic. At least, do not use names calling which is childish and abusive. Let alone, repeating and reiterating it intentionally to make people down.

This is not me defending my wife from these heinous  people because they are everywhere, so why wasting energy to talk back. I can’t change them.  So let them be.

I just want to say that my wife IS beautiful, despite what people think she is.

Because people do not see all the sacrifices that she made for me and family so they can freely judge and say things about her. But I do see everything that she did for me and my daughter.

And that’s the real definition of beauty.

She has done a lot to make me and Iona happy. I am the only witness that see her juggling between work and family. I see how much effort she has put to make sure that these two things are okay. She has never complained about this. She is one strong woman that can handle both work and family well. I can proudly say this.

She wake up at 5 a.m every day, making sure that everything is prepared for me and Iona. Go off to work right after Subuh prayer and reach home around 6.30 p.m. (depending on the traffic). Then, go straight to the kitchen to prepare for dinner, washing dishes,  ironing shirts, sweeping and doing  few other household chores, sleep. Repeat!

On top of all these, she gave birth to Iona, our dearest daughter.

If this does not fit the definition of beauty, then what is this?

I am actually disappointed with people that always think that beauty is all about looks while its meaning is much wider than that.

Well, like I said, people don’t see things the way I do. But, all husbands should be able to see their wives this way.

It is good deeds that you do that makes you beautiful. Not what you put on your face!

Intan Sofinaz Sarkam, you are always beautiful.

So chin up and let’s have some salted caramel cheesecake!










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