I don’t remember when was the last time I got excited about winning things. Probably, that was when I represented university for national debating championships. Me and my team mates worked our socks off to get cups for the university.

We won a few, we lost a lot.

After some time, I could feel the same thrill again when I joined IIDEX2016 (Innovation, Invention and Design Exposition) organised by UiTM this week. It is actually an annual expo held to encourage more innovations and inventions among researchers.

As a first-timer, I have no idea at all about the expo. I was asked to present a poster based on my co-supervisor’s PhD project. Of course, I wanted to give my best as she entrusted me with the task. But, I think I didn’t perform well during the presentation. I believe, I could have given more than that. It is always like that; believing that I could have done better.

But we still get bronze for that project, mainly because the project itself is superb. So, all the credit should go to my co-sv. I am happy that despite my so-so presentation, we still get the place.

Although I am not happy with what I have presented, I am lucky to be part of the project as I learned a lot throughout the process especially when I saw other impressive gold medalists’ posters, products and presentations. I hope I can be as good as them.

Yes, it is good to be competitive for it will propel myself further, and push me to the very limit. Seriously, I can not really fathom why some people see competitiveness negatively.

I am grateful for all the experience that I gained from this expo.

I can’t wait for the next edition.




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