As promised, this is a continuation of lessons that I take from 2018.

  1. Be kind to everyone, especially those that seem to have problems with you. I bet, we must have known at least one person in our entire life that always have something against us. Like nothing that we do would please them. Right? Believe me, that we can’t get away from this kind of people. There is nothing we can do to change them, either. So, the only thing we can do is to change the way we act towards these people. How? Just be kind. Be a ray of sunshine. I know some of you are not a believer of the rewards that we are entitled to get in the life after death for the good deeds we do here (but I do). So, it (rewards) is not a good advice to give, though it is good for you to take. But being kind isn’t about rewards alone. It is also about the peaceful thinking and the tranquil state of feeling that we all desire to attain.  If you find it hard to do good to these evil-hearted people, you can start by ignoring them (bad deeds, words etc). I can’t guarantee that they will stop harassing you but one thing for sure, you will be at peace.
  2. Everyone has their own way of life. This is really something that everyone has to agree. We have to accept that we can’t dictate the way people should live their lives as much as we don’t like them to intefere and impose their ways of life on ours. It is a common sense but since it is no longer even a sense for some people, I deem it is quite important for me to put a heavy emphasis on this. You may have been raised up well, with certain principles and rules, by your parents, which I have no problem with, at all. But please do not expect people to be installing the same principles of life. Just because it worked on you doesn’t mean it works on others too. So, if you see someone having a total opposite fashion of doing things, do not embitter them. Instead, calm your tits, brace every difference with an open heart.
  3. Be unassuming.  We have our own strength. Things that God bestowed upon us with. It can be wealth, kids, looks, great careers, houses, handsome pay, qualifications- whatever. The bottom line is, don’t be a braggart that walks around boasting and showing off to people what you have. That is not the right way to translate thankfulness as I got this nonsense justification a lot from this people. Never belittle those people that you think less fortunate than you are. Everyone is going through their own struggles that you don’t have any idea about. Just because God had made your life easier, it is not a ticket for you to ridicule others. There is nothing immortal, everything has been set temporal. So, please have some respect.

That’s all for now.

Till we meet again in the next time.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.



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I know. It is just mid February. But I have learned a lot this year. I would like to share those lessons with all of you. You don’t have to agree. It is my personal thought about life.

  1. Be patient. I realise that sometimes I can be really impatient. I hate racing against time. To me, the longer I take to do something, the more incompetent I am as a person. While it can be true in certain cases, I learned that it doesn’t always have to be true. Good things take time. If you want to have a great outcome, you need to be patient. You don’t need to compare yourself with anyone. You are your own enemy. Taking longer time means you are being meticulous and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. Or at least, you don’t do silly mistakes that may bring harm to your work.
  2. Be kind to yourself. I always have feeling that I am good at nothing. This is not healthy. I can’t be good at everything, but I must be good at something. I do not need approval from people to ascertain that. I have to believe that I always have that something that Allah has bestowed upon me. I have to admit, as well, that like others, I also have weaknesses. The thing that I need to next is to work on the weaknesses and be proud with the strength that I own.
  3. Be open to criticism. As much as I love to critic others, I have to be open to be critiqued as well. Everyone of us has their own flaws. When people critique your work, accept it with an open heart, and improve accordingly. We live in ecosystem where we should correct each other, in a civilised way, of course. Or else, we would always think that we are perfect that no one can say things about us. I know that at times, certain people can be really hard on you. But I have to take it positively. These comments, regardless how they were being put forward are to make me better.
  4. Have faith in Allah. Putting this at number 4 doesn’t make it less important. Life has been tough since the last few months. I have been tested in so many aspects. The way we react to these will determine whether we are just a Muslim or we have upgraded ourselves to another level, which a Mukmin. We pray, we fast and we do zakat, but have you become better by doing all these? If not, then, it must be something wrong with your ibadah. Check! Check! Pray to Allah to give you strength. You are own your own. Stop begging, crying, whining. You need yourself to survive, for your loved ones.
  5. Be thankful. I don’t know why I have to take this long to realise how powerful being thankful can be. To be honest, nothing much has changed since the last few months but I managed to be calm when I thank Allah more. He has been showering me with good wife, daughter and Insha Allah a second born this September. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? Be more thankful, Allah will give you more.

I think that should be it for now. I will continue with the second part later.

Thank you for reading. Pray for my success and happiness.



The above title oftentimes perceived negatively.

People think that the statement is insensitive because it denies the participation and the importance of other people in our lives.

It may also scream selfishness.

But that is not how I see it.

I believe that it takes a lot of courage to issue the statement. One must have a strong inner self to have such bravery.

A bravery to face the reality on his own.

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avoiding the laundry list literature review


I’ve been asked to say more about the laundry list literature review.The laundry list is often called ‘He said, she said” – as one of the most usual forms of the laundry list is when most sentences start with a name. And the laundry list is a problem. It’s hard to read and not very fit for purpose.

So, what does a laundry list look like? Below is a page of a published book. It is taken from a chapter reviewing the literatures on neoliberalism in ‘the university’. It’s a laundry list. I have:

  • underlined in red the sentence where the author says what they are trying to do (you might call this a topic sentence)
  • circled the sentences that feature a scholar as the subject of the sentence.

Now let’s see what’s going on in the writing. The second paragraph on the first page begins with the author’s intention…

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Sejujurnya, saya masih lagi terkejut dengan pemergian sahabat saya Noor Mohamad Amin tanggal 6 Julai 2017, khamis lalu.

Pagi itu, saya bersama-sama dengan penyelia membuat pembetulan kertas kajian. Saya dikhabarkan yang arwah koma dan berada di Hospital Shah Alam. Sebaik sahaja perbincangan selesai, saya menerima berita yang arwah sudah menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir.


Saya kenali arwah dalam bulan Jun 2015, sewaktu kami mula-mula mendaftar sebagai pelajar pasca-siswazah. Kami jadi rapat sejak itu atas pelbagai urusan pengajian. Pernah beberapa kali serumah sewaktu persidangan dan pernah menghadiri kursus bersama-sama.

Arwah seorang yang sangat pendiam tetapi murah dengan senyuman. Adalah sesekali dia bergurau-gurau. Tetapi kebanyakan masanya dia hanya menjadi pemerhati bila rakan-rakan lain rancak berbual-bual.

Saya sedar akan perubahan fizikalnya sejak awal tahun ini. Dia nampak semakin kurus, rambutnya semakin berkurang, dan bibirnya pecah dan kekeringan. Bila saya tanya kenapa arwah hanya jawab

“Aku salah makan ubat”

Saya ada menyuruhnya ke hospital dan klinik kesihatan pelajar untuk mendapat rawatan tapi cepat-cepat dia tepis. Dia kata

“Aku tak ada apa-apa. Usah risau”

Selepas itu, saya ada jumpa dia berkali-kali di kafe dan pusat islam. Kami hanya sempat bertegur sapa tapi tidak banyak yang kami bualkan. Daripada pemerhatian saya, tahap kesihatan arwah bertambah teruk.

Yang saya sesali adalah saya tidak beria-ia memaksa beliau ke hospital. Saya fikir, saya tidak mahu dia jadi rimas pula. Kawan-kawan yang rapat dengan saya tahu kadang-kadang saya boleh membebel berjam-jam dan itu boleh jadi sangat menjengkelkan.

Allah sahaja yang tahu betapa rasa bersalahnya saya membiarkan dia bergelut dengan sakitnya sendiri. Saya faham dia pendiam. Sepatutnya saya mengambil langkah lebih aktif membawanya ke hospital untuk mendapat rawatan.

Tapi iyalah. Sudah ketentuannya begitu. Saya redha.

Kematian begitulah sifatnya. Sebaik mana kamu berusaha untuk jauhi, kematian tetap semakin dekat. Tidak akan cepat atau lewat sesaat.

Kematian membuka liang-liang keinsafan yang selama ini mungkin terdebu dengan seronoknya dunia. Kematian membuatkan aku benar-benar berfikir.

Besok, bila masanya sudah tiba, saya akan pergi juga. Yang saya perlu risaukan bukanlah apa yang saya tinggalkan, tetapi apakah amal yang bakal saya bawa bertemu Tuhan.

Maafkan aku Amin, andai ada kata-kata dan tingkahlaku yang tidak menyenangkan. Selamatlah engkau berangkat ke negeri abadi. Suatu hari nanti aku juga pasti pergi. Saat itu, aku pohon semoga Allah menemukan kita semula dalam syurga Firdausi.