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I re-shared my fb post that I posted 2 years ago- on this very pervasive tendency of people giving opinion on issues that they are NOT well-verse of. This is called ultracrepidarianism.  The term that I myself learned from Think Like A Freak.

After two years, this habit seems to have no sign of ceasing but to my surprise it has become a norm to our society. Apart from ‘hollier-than-thou‘, this is another syndrome that apparently well-celebrated by the community.

These two diseases exist because of three main factors :

  1. The myriad and tonnes of information available online which people have a facile access to it.
  2. The spirit to know things- spirit of inquiry- sense of curiosity (you name it)
  3. Herd/mob mentality which people tend to be influenced by their peers and surroundings (majority).

Well, I don’t have enough time to spell out every mentioned factors but I am sure that you know them quite well.

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I plan to start doing experiment early today because the reaction will take about 12 hour to complete. The earlier I start, the earlier I can go home, I presume.

But things happened.

I reached UiTM around 6 and went straight to lab only to realise the access card was broken. I tried to flash the card for many times but it didn’t work. So, I had to wait my friends to come and give me another card.

Allah. Dugaan.

I managed to calm myself down after receiving soothing words from wife saying that

Allah loves you, Abang. He wants you to be more patient. There must be blessings in disguise.

It took me moments to have realised that I can just plan, Allah will determine whether my plans can be executed or not. I believe, there must be reasons why Allah delayed me.

I smiled to myself. Hey this is just a small matter which should not let me down. I decided to be positive and start the work later, around 1130 a.m.

This is one of the challenges that I have to face. Unexpected obstacles. Having faith in Allah is the best way to be strong and ready to deal with these circumstances.

Seriously, these couple of weeks have been really challenging for me, emotionally. I pushed myself very hard that at times, I have to admit that I am no perfect that there are things that I need to learn slowly . I have set a very high standard for me to achieve and I know it can be unattainable. I have always been like that. And it is killing me slowly now.

I still try to learn to know myself, appreciate myself more and value every hard work that I did; things that I rarely do.

The dilemma is, what attributes should I have to excel? As for now, hating myself, pushing myself to the limit and punishing myself when I did not perform are things that seem to be plausible.




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Backyard after 5-

were the the venue and time we met almost daily.

It was you, Cassava my only friend that I had when I was a kid. Probably, I was just not friendly that there were no friends to befriended with.

I spoke to you about dissatisfaction -about love that was not reciprocal -about uncertainty of life -about biases and perceptions

-and often;

about growing up as a man

so I can run away from the repetitive forlorn days

because I fed up hearing people comparing me with nonsense

dictating the way I should live my life

and the kind of man that I should be


I just want to grow up

being with you,

and being myself





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It was when I knew nothing about life that you left me with meaningful lessons of life. I talked to you a week before that life would never be the same without you.

But you still went off because Allah loves you more. Or may be you were loved less- by me.

If you asked me what would be thing that I regret not doing while you were still alive?

It would be-

Hugging you tightly when you were helplessly laying down on the bed.

Because that was your last wish but I refused to do.

Death separated us apart. And the remorse doesn’t seem to depart.

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I am in the lab, alone. Got some works to finish, before I can really go home, seeing you, Iona. Wait, I will be there in no later than 6.

You were not feeling well the last few days. You had fever. Your body temperature was 39 degree celcius. I was constantly worried that I opted not to go to lab, on Monday.

I was concerned because I did not want anything happens to you. Or rather, I did not want the same thing happens you, again.  It is not that I don’t believe in your babysitter, my sister, whom I entrusted to look after you, but I seriously thought that I need to be with you.

Our Monday was going well. We had fun reading books and dancing and eating. It has been awhile since we did all these activities together, right?

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While writing this I can hear very clearly birds tweeting as to greet me who happens to wake up a lil bit early this morning. Usually I would go to sleep right after Subuh prayer during weekends but not today.

I plan to finish a book today, getting myself lost in every chapter. I have a lot of books to be read, which have been abandoned for months. Now that I have gotten new book voucher so I must finish these books before the new ones hit the shelf.

I started to have this hobby since I was in secondary school. My late Abah would buy a magazine once a month just to inculcate the habit of reading in me. I started with variasari. I am not sure whether it is still published now but it was as popular as Mastika then.

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Recently, I read an article shared by one of my fb friends on how to make the prophet real to small children. It is an enlightening read, especially for me, a young parent who is still searching the best method to ‘introduce’ Muhammad and Allah to my daughter, Iona.

It is never too early to impart this on our children, as the author put it in the article. We can not wait until the children grow up because it might be too late. Verily, it is  important for muslim parents to educate children the Islamic way of life. Other than Quran and hadith, Muhammad is an excellent example for us to follow (Quran, 33: 21).

The author has successfully mentioned how to subtly teach children to be like Muhammad. All the tips that were given in the writing are really useful and feasible.

I am not going to summarize them here. You can read it on your own. And tell me what you feel after reading it.

Because I personally felt like being slapped right in my face! I mean, how could I claim myself a Muslim and a good parent if I have never taught my daughter about Muhammad? How can a Muslim be a real Muslim without emulating Muhammad? Quran has mentioned that he is an excellent pattern for anyone but we still disregard him in our daily life?

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